Countrywide is one of the very few approved mortgage lenders who can offer President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan, makes it easy to get an affordable home loan by refinancing or getting a mortgage modification. Millions of homeowners can use Countrywide to help them lower their loan payments.

Even in the middle of this bad economy, Countrywide is now able to help more homeowners than they have ever been able to before. This is because they will get money from the Government every time they help a homeowner who is at risk of losing their home, or facing financial problems. This money will also cover a homeowners closing costs and fees, as well as cover some of the risks the lender is assuming by approving your refinancing. These reasons make refinancing or mortgage modification easier, and more beneficial for homeowners than it has ever been before. Homeowners have never had such a beneficial program in place to help them with their mortgages. Millions of homeowners will be able to save hundreds of dollars every month.

Besides being one of the best lenders in the USA. Countrywide has always been known for their friendly, helpful customer service, their competitive lending rates, and their sheer size in a large market. Homeowners who get a Countrywide mortgage refinancing will easily see benefits which can start with their next home loan payment.

Getting yourself into a better mortgage is easy. It can also be just what you need to get your finances back in order, save money every month, or save your home from foreclosure. Use this plan for yourself, and ease some of your burdens.

-M Petrone

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