Even homeowners with bad credit can get a mortgage refinancing. Although many people talk about lending restrictions, and how hard getting help is these days, the reality of the situation is the opposite. Mortgage lenders and banks are eager to help homeowners avoid foreclosure or defaulting on their home loan, and are offering homeowners new bad credit refinancing or modification options.

Nearly 15% of all current homeowners are facing foreclosure. This does not even account for the massive amount of foreclosures which have already taken place. In order to stop this, mortgage lenders and banks have been quietly easing refinancing and home loan restrictions. Changes are being made because many homeowners are:

-Facing financial problems which are out of their control.

-Paying a lot for a home which has dropped in value.

-Stuck in an ARM loan which is costing them more every month.

-Paying a higher interest rate than their budgets can handle.

To assist homeowners in these common situations, many helpful changes have been made in the mortgage refinancing approval process. Homeowners can get approved with little or no equity, bad credit, a bad mortgage loan, and a whole list of other circumstances which they would have been denied for in the past.

The bottom line is that with mortgage rates so low, and refinancing easier to get than ever before, millions of homeowners can benefit. Do a good check of your mortgage, financial situation, and options for refinancing and see if you could be saving money too. Odds are, with the market the way it is now, you can save hundreds of dollars per month on your mortgage.

-M Petrone

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