Ditech, is one of the leading lenders in the country. They have the size, experience, and capabilities needed to help almost any homeowner. With Ditech being one of the few mortgage lenders approved to offer President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan, the advantages of working with Ditech are even greater.

This plan which, Ditech is approved to offer, allows homeowners a chance to get a mortgage refinancing or modification into a more affordable monthly payment. This plan is aimed at helping struggling homeowners avoid lose their home. One of the biggest guidelines of this plan is that homeowners who are approved for it will get a home loan payment which is not more than 31% of their total gross monthly income. In many cases, homeowners, especially financially struggling ones, are paying upwards of 50% or even more of their monthly income towards their mortgage. The savings for homeowners with a bad mortgage can be 20% or more each month, which easily can add up to hundreds of dollars every month.

Another big part of this plan is that there is over $75 billion dollars funding it. The bulk of this cash will be given to mortgage lenders, like Ditech, who offer refinancing options to struggling homeowners. With this money, lenders can approve more applications, and save more homeowners from losing their home. This is all possible because the money given to the lenders is an incentive. Every time a lender uses this plan to help a homeowner, they are given the money. This money will cover any closing costs and fees, as well as some of the financial burdens or risks of the lender for approving you.

Ditech mortgage refinancing
can help homeowners. This plan enables millions of homeowners a chance at a more affordable mortgage through refinancing or home loan modification. Contact Ditech today and see what they can do for you. Odds are, if your a struggling homeowners, this Obama stimulus plan can help you.

-M Petrone

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