Get 2% mortgage interest rates, lower monthly mortgage payments, and many other benefits from President Obamas stimulus plan. This plan is a stimulus for struggling homeowners which will help them avoid foreclosure or losing their home. Millions of homeowners are at risk of losing their home, and this plan will help them.

Since so many millions of homeowners are facing foreclosure, this plan offers many different ways to save a home. Mortgage lenders who are offering the stimulus plan must adhere to strict guidelines which truly benefit the homeowner. When a refinancing or modification takes place in accordance with this stimulus plan, cash is given to the lender or bank who approved the loan. This money will cover some of the financial risks a lender is taking on, and will pay for all of the closing costs and fees. A homeowner will have to pay nothing to get assistance from this plan.

There has never been a better time to be a struggling homeowner. As odd as that may sound, it is true. These new mortgage refinancing options allow interest rates to be reduced to as low as 2%, mortgage lengths changed, and other terms and conditions may be modified to help the homeowner keep their home. Nearly 8% of all homeowners are behind on their home loan payments, and facing foreclosure. This plan will reverse that ugly trend, and help a lot of people keep their home.

This homeowner stimulus program from Obama will be exactly what homeowners need to get a lower monthly home loan payment. These lower payments will enable a homeowner to save their home, and pay down their other debts, which helps their overall situation. Entire neighborhoods, and many individuals will benefit from this plan, without much effort to get approved. Get the help you need, and use this plan for yourself.

-M Petrone

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