Ditech is approved to offer homeowners mortgage refinancing or modification through the Governments stimulus plan. This plan will help millions of homeowners get better, more affordable mortgage. Homeowners with bad credit, in bad mortgages, and who are facing financial problems will have no problem getting approved. Here is how, and why:

-How does the Government mortgage bailout plan help me? Why can I get approved, and actually save money, now?
This plan allows homeowners who would have been turned down before, are facing financial problems, or who have bad mortgages, the chance to refinance or get a mortgage modification into a cheaper home loan. Mortgage lenders and banks who use this plan must not allow a homeowner to have a payment which is more than 31% of this monthly gross income. To accomplish this, mortgage interest rates will be lowered down to as little as 2%. Also, home loans may be extended to help homeowners get a lower mortgage every month.

This plan has over $75 billion in financial backing. A lot of this money will be used as an incentive and given to mortgage lenders and banks who help struggling homeowners. With this money, their will be no closing costs for homeowners. This is a savings of thousands of dollars. Since mortgage lenders and banks get money from the Government for helping homeowner, they can approve more of them than ever before. Ditech is one of these select lenders, and they offer a wide variety of different refinancing options and home loan choices. Only a few lenders have been chosen by Obamas administration. A Ditech mortgage refinancing has never been easier to get.

Almost every single homeowner who has been, or is, struggling can get Government help with their mortgage. Right now Ditech is ready to help homeowners with a strong team of professional mortgage brokers ready to assist you. Get yourself into a better financial situation and use this plan from Obama for yourself, and your home.

-M Petrone

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