New help for homeowners is available now. Mortgage refinancing and modification options are now in place to help nearly any homeowner. Getting a new, more affordable, mortgage is easy even for homeowners with a bad loan, bad credit, bad debts, or other problems.

Many people will benefit from this stimulus plan for homeowners. Basically, this plan targets the approximately 9 million homeowners facing foreclosure or mortgage default. These homeowners can no longer afford their mortgage, and need something to change that or their house will be lost. That is exactly why this stimulus plan was started.

Now, homeowners who would have been denied are getting the home loan help they need. Here are some of the circumstances a homeowner can be facing, and still get the help they require:

-Many homes have dropped in value making getting approved for refinancing hard to do. Now though, homeowners and entire neighborhoods will benefit from the fact that is a home has lost 15% or more in value, they can get approved for mortgage refinancing or modification.

-Homeowners can now get approved with little, or even negative, equity. This stimulus plan allows homeowners who owe up to 5% more than their home is worth to still get approved for refinancing or home loan modification.

-Mortgages from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are automatically able to get modified. The total new payments for your home will not exceed 31% of your monthly income.

Homeowners everywhere are hurting. This stimulus plan offers millions of people a chance to save their home, or a lot of money every single month. Homeowners who are having any troubles at all should take action before those problems get worse. Use this plan for yourself today, save your home, and secure your financial future.

-M Petrone

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