Wells Fargo is one of the nations leading mortgage lenders. They have the size, skill, professionals, and customer service to assist almost any homeowner. Now, they have been approved to offer customers President Obamas stimulus plan. This is a mortgage refinancing and modification program that will lower homeowners monthly payments. Here is how:

Wells Fargo will receive cash incentives every time they help a homeowner get a lower monthly mortgage payment. This means that customers who get approved from Wells Fargo will get a mortgage payment that is lower than 32% of their gross monthly income. Even better, it means that a wide variety of homeowners can get approved when they would not have been able to before. Now, homeowners with bad credit, a bad mortgage, or other tough financial problems, can get approved for refinancing or mortgage modification from one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

Besides the fact that this plan made millions of homeowners eligible to get a more affordable home loan, this program also offers other big benefits. Approved mortgage lenders, such as Wells Fargo, get money from the Government to help homeowners. This money is used to pay all closing costs and fees, which saves a homeowner thousands of dollars. Also, with the money from the Government, it minimizes risks Wells Fargo is taking by approving struggling homeowners for a home loan modification or refinance.

Wells Fargo's mortgage refinancing and modification programs have always been some of the best available. Now though, these offerings have been increased, and are easier to get for a homeowner. Their has never been a better time to get yourself into a better mortgage, which can save you a lot of money, or your home. Contact Wells Fargo today and see what they can do for you.

-M Petrone

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