Homeowners can now use Ditech (GMAC) to get a more affordable home loan by refinancing or getting a mortgage modification. New Government guidelines allow struggling homeowners an easy way to save a lot of money. Ditech is one of the select authorized mortgage lenders who is able to provide this service.

Besides being one of the countries leading mortgage companies, Ditech (GMAC) has proved it is a good company, and has been approved by the Government to offer homeowners assistance from the “Making Home Affordable” plan. This is a massive $75 billion mortgage bailout plan which will help many homeowners easily save money, or their home, with new refinancing and mortgage modification options.

Many homeowners who are struggling today are typically facing financial problems, bad mortgages, and even foreclosure. This new plan will prevent many homeowners from losing their home, save them a lot of money, and help them get their finances in order. Before this plan was in effect, many homeowners would have been denied refinancing or mortgage modification chances. Now though, this plan allows mortgage lenders and banks, like Ditech, to offer new options for homeowners who are financially struggling.

Most of the money from this bailout plan is given to the select few mortgage lenders and banks who help homeowners. This money will cover all closing costs, and any fees related to refinancing or home loan modification. This means that homeowners will have to pay absolutely nothing for home loan assistance.

Ditech mortgage refinancing and modification is easier, and better than ever for homeowners. People all across the country can use this plan for themselves, and get a more affordable mortgage every month.

-M Petrone

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