Help for homeowners is available now thanks to President Obama. The $75 billion housing stimulus plan will provide mortgage refinancing and modification options to homeowners facing loan default, or foreclosure. Millions of homeowners are facing the reality that if something does not change, they will lose their home. This plan will provide the help homeowners need to stop foreclosure, and save their home.

Mortgage refinancing and modification is one of the only ways millions of homeowners can save their home. Now, getting approved for a new mortgage which is better than the old mortgage, that has lower interest rates, or a lower monthly payment, is very possible for all struggling homeowners. This plan provides the funds, advice, and options which homeowners actually need to save their home.

-Homeowners can get 2% mortgage interest rates.

-Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage holders get an automatic chance to modify their home loan.

-No homeowner will have to pay more than 31% of their monthly income towards their mortgage every m month.

-There are absolutely no closing costs or fees for homeowners who use this plan.

-Homeowners in foreclosure can have the process stopped, and reversed, with this program from Obama.

-Home loans which are more valuable than the actual home can get modified or refinanced into a more appropriate mortgage.

The benefits for homeowners are huge. This is a real chance for a homeowner to get a better mortgage, lower mortgage interest rates, or a lower payment, which can save their home. Do not lose your home to a situation you think is out of your control. Take action now and use the “Making Home Affordable” plan for yourself. There are billions of dollars out there to assist homeowners, and you can use some of it to help you.

-M Petrone

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