Homeowners now have the options of refinancing their mortgage with one of the most streamlined packages ever. Wells Fargo offers new home loan refinance options to struggling homeowners thanks to the Obama stimulus plan. Millions of homeowners can get a better, more affordable mortgage through Wells Fargo, and here is how:

Getting approved for refinancing is now easier, and more beneficial than ever. Wells Fargo is now able to offer new solutions to homeowners who are at risk of losing their home. Some of these solutions include reducing interest rates to as low as 2%, extending the length of the mortgage, or changing other terms and conditions. Millions of hurting homeowners can take advantage of the new, easier to qualify for, mortgage refinancing options available from Wells Fargo.

Homeowners can avoid foreclosure, or save a lot of money, by getting a mortgage which is actually affordable. This is a chance for the millions of homeowners facing foreclosure to take action and save their home. These options are fast, effective, and one of the only ways a homeowner can avoid being foreclosed on.

This Wells Fargo mortgage stimulus program will help homeowners get a streamlined way to save their home from being foreclosed on, and save money every single loan payment. Also, homes can now be refinanced even if they are worth less than the amount due on the mortgage. Getting approved for refinancing before this plan with a bad mortgage, bad finances, or a bad loan to value ratio, would have been nearly impossible to do.

If you are at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, contact Wells Fargo and see what they can do to help you. New options make the odds of receiving help better than ever before. Take advantage of this stimulus plan for yourself, and see the savings start rolling in.

-M Petrone

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