Mortgage lenders and banks are not all the same. That is why only a few were selected to offer President Obamas mortgage stimulus plan. Wells Fargo is one of the lenders who has been approved. They have loan options for nearly any homeowner, and now with the “Making Home Affordable” plan, they can help homeowners even more.

This stimulus plan targets millions of struggling homeowners. This plan will give them an option of refinancing or getting a home loan modification, in order to get smaller monthly payments. Many homeowners who would have been denied a refinancing or modification in the past are getting approved now, and saving a lot of money in the process.

With the extreme high rate of foreclosures and mortgage defaults, this plan could not have some into effect at a better time for so many homeowners. There is over $75 billion in assistance available, and homeowners everywhere are eligible to claim some of it. However, only a few approved lenders and banks can officially offer this stimulus plan to homeowners.

Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing is the solution for many homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage every month. With a refinance or modification from this plan, a homeowner will see interest rates as low as 2%, their mortgage extended in terms, or a combination of the two to really get the payments lowered. This is all possible because of President Obamas plan.

Mortgage refinance or modification are easier to get than ever before. Millions of homeowners can lock in much lower monthly home loan payments, and avoid foreclosure or mortgage default. Take advantage of this stimulus program now, and take control of your finances.

-M Petrone

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