New Wells Fargo refinancing and mortgage modification options are now available to almost any homeowner. This is all possible because of the “Making Home Affordable” plan. This is a stimulus plan that is aimed at helping millions of homeowners. Only a few mortgage lender and banks are approved to offer this plan, and Wells Fargo is one of them.

Right now, mortgage interest rates are near all time lows and many homeowners can benefit from refinancing. However, with so many homeowners financially struggling, or stuck in bad mortgages with homes that are losing value, getting approved for a beneficial refinancing would have been hard. Now though, this stimulus plan, which is aimed at struggling homeowners, makes getting approved for refinancing easier. This is because of over $75 billion dollars which has been designated to help homeowners. This money, besides covering all closing costs and fees, will cover some of the lender or banks financial risk. With less risk financially, lenders and banks can approve more homeowners than ever before.

With so many foreclosures and mortgage defaults ruining homeowners lives, something needed to be done. In response, this mortgage stimulus plan was enacted. An estimated 8 million homeowners can use this plan for themselves, and get a truly affordable monthly home loan. Wells Fargo has the ability, size, and now the approval, to help homeowners by offering them refinancing options from the stimulus plan.

Wells Fargo, and the Government want to help homeowners. These new refinancing and modification options are a great choice for millions of homeowners who are struggling financially. Right now, it is easier than ever to get approved for a refinance, regardless of your situation.

-M Petrone

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