Millions of homeowners can take advantage of new refinancing and mortgage modification options. These options provide interest rates as low as 2%, and other amazing benefits to all types of homeowners. This stimulus plan is from the Government and designed to help prevent people from losing their home.

With mortgage foreclosures and defaults at all time highs, something needed to be done to help homeowners, the housing market, and overall economy improve. With this in mind, the Government came up with a $75 billion program to help the estimated 8 million homeowners who are at risk of losing their home. Now, even homeowners who did not have a chance at getting approved for a refinancing or mortgage modification a few months ago, have a real chance to get the help they need, and save a lot of money, or their home from being lost.

This mortgage stimulus plan takes the $75 billion and primarily gives it to mortgage lenders and banks who will abide by the Governments stimulus plans guidelines, and approve homeowners for refinance or home loan modification. With this money, mortgage lenders and banks can ease up on some of their restrictions on refinancing, and take on less financial risk when helping a homeowner who is going to lose their home. The mortgage lenders and banks who participate in this program are now much more likely to help all types of homeowners, in all types of financial situations. Homeowners can receive 2% mortgage interest rates, changes in the terms or condition or their home loan, a change in the length of the mortgage, or a lot of other things that will lower the amount that is due every month. This will allow most struggling homeowners a chance to save their home from being lost.

This plan will help an estimated 8 million people. Getting help with mortgage refinancing or modification is easy, better, and the only way many people can prevent their home from being lost. Homeowners are urged to use this program for themselves, and get help. Contact a mortgage lender or bank and ask it they are approved to offer the “Making Home Affordable” plan. If they are, see what the potential benefits are for you.

-M Petrone

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