Bank of America offers some of the best mortgage refinancing options in the country. However, many people do not realize this, and look at them as merely a bank. Here are some reasons why refinancing a mortgage with Bank of America can be one of the best decisions you can make:

-Their Reputation
As a mortgage lender, Bank of America excels in customer service, loan options, locations, and the ability to truly identify what a homeowner needs, or wants, and find the right package for them. A reputation such as the one established by BoA can only come after billions of dollars in refinancing and mortgage modification deals, and thousands of satisfied customers.

-Their Size
The sheer size of BoA is enough to enable them to secure the absolute lowest interest rates. This means that they are able to offer some of the most competitive interest rates, terms, and conditions for all types of mortgages. Also, they have enough financial backing that they are actually able to help more homeowners than many other banks or mortgage lenders. With less risk in one particular market, their overall risk is less than many others who only focus on the mortgage, refinancing, or modification market.

-Their Capabilities
Bank of America is able to hire, and more importantly, keep the best mortgage professionals in the industry. Homeowners who are dealing with BoA for a mortgage refinancing or modification can easily rest assured that some of the best people in the industry are on their side, and actually working to get them what they need or want out of a refinance or home loan modification. Also, they are able to keep their mortgage talent. This means that the experience level will be much higher than other banks, or mortgage lenders.

Homeowners who are getting a mortgage refinance or modification with Bank of America are in good hands. There are many places who offer mortgage help, but most of them are fly by night, no name, predatory lenders. Stick with a name you know.

-M Petrone

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