Facing foreclosure? Maybe your behind in your mortgage payments? Are you worried that losing your home is a serious possibility? Well don't panic yet. Home loan modification programs are available to homeowners who know how to find them, and where to look. Here are some tips which can help you get a home loan modification.

First you need to understand is what a mortgage modification is and how it can help you save your home from being lost. You must meet some eligibility requirements that are pretty easy to meet. Your monthly home loan payment, insurance on the home, taxes, and fees (if any), must exceed 31% of your gross monthly income. This will be necessary to get help with saving your home through a mortgage modification. Also, homeowners with, or facing, financial problems and hardships can get approved for a home loan modification. In fact, a financial problem may actually help you get approved for mortgage modification.

Next, when getting a mortgage modified, you are basically changing the terms, rates, or conditions of your existing home loan, and making sure the payment is low enough and manageable every month. Your current debts, income, an budget play a crucial role in determining your modification options, and how much you can reasonably afford. This can, and probably will help you save you from losing your home, and get you into a payment you can keep and afford for years. This is how a home loan modification can save your home from foreclosure.

Finally, make sure to compare and shop around at a variety of different mortgage lenders and banks before signing anything. There are all different mortgage modification requirements, rates, terms, and conditions, depending on which lender you choose. The only way to really know who has the best deal for you is by checking out a lot of different companies. This will help you ensure you get the best mortgage modification deal possible.

-M Petrone

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