Bad credit is no longer a reason not to apply for mortgage refinancing. New Government programs allow millions of homeowners in all situations the chance to get approved for a mortgage refinancing or modification into affordable monthly payments. Bad credit, bad mortgage, a home that is losing value, or other financial problems can actually help a homeowner get approved.

This is because of the fact that over $75 billion in funding is being given to mortgage lenders and banks who approve a homeowner who is at risk of losing their home. This means that banks and mortgage lenders have eased some of their mortgage restrictions so that they can help even more people. They have done this because for every homeowner they help with getting approved for refinancing or modification, they receive incentive money from the Government.

This money helps minimize risks, and allows the banks and lenders the chance to temporarily alter their lending policies to help the most people they can. There are also additional incentives that lenders or banks get for every year, up to 5 years, a homeowner is able to make their mortgage payments on time and in full. This is an extra incentive to truly help homeowners get the lowest possible monthly payments possible. This also means that homeowners with bad credit, or other financial problems, can get the help they need to save their home, or a lot of money, easier than ever.

Homeowners who are barely able to afford their home loan, are facing foreclosure, or are thinking about short selling, should consider a mortgage refinance. With the Governments stimulus plan in effect, an estimated 8 million homeowners can get the help they need. This is a never before seen attempt to help homeowners, and entire neighborhoods, recover from the bad economy, and worse housing market. Take advantage of these great new options available to all types of homeowners and refinance or modify your home loan today.

-M Petrone

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