Bank of America mortgage holders can now easily get a refinancing or modification. This will help prevent a lot of people from losing their home to foreclosure or mortgage default. Also, these new mortgage refinancing or modification options will save a homeowner a lot of money every month. Here is how:

Since Bank of America is one of the only approved banks to offer the Governments “Making Home Affordable” plan, they can offer amazing new options to homeowners. These new mortgage refinancing and mortgage modification options are available thanks to over $75 billion in funding from the Government. This money will be used to minimize the risks a lender or bank takes when they approve a homeowner who is in financial trouble, has a bad mortgage, or a home which is losing value. Every time a mortgage lender or bank helps a homeowner using the stimulus plan, they will get money. They will also get money for every year, up to 5 years, that a homeowner is able to make their payments. This makes saving your home, or a lot of money, easier than ever.

Bank of America is on board with this plan, and has the size, experience, and professional staff to help nearly any homeowner facing problems. This bad economy, and worse housing market, has made it possible for homeowners in all kinds of problems to get help. Avoiding foreclosure and helping homeowners is truly the main goal of this Obama stimulus plan.

Mortgage refinancing and modification are now some of the best options a homeowner has. Millions of people are facing foreclosure, or losing their home to mortgage default. Do not let a financial hardship, bad mortgage, or home which is losing value, prevent you from getting the help you need. Take action now, and save your home and a lot of money.

-M Petrone

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