CitiMortgage customers who want to refinance using President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan, will need to deal with the loss mitigation department. This is not a difficult process, and getting a beneficial mortgage refinancing is easier than ever before. Here is some help in dealing with the CitiMortgage loss mitigation department.

When dealing with the loss mitigation department of CitiMortgage, you must realize that in times like these, they are extremely busy. This does not mean to allow poor customer service, but it does mean that there are some things which you can do to help push your application along. With mortgage rates near all time lows, and the Presidents mortgage bailout plan in effect, CitiMortgage is flooded with applications.

However, if you properly fill out all of your forms, and include all necessary documentation and paperwork, the chances of quickly getting an approval improve dramatically. As simple as this sounds, many first time applications are denied before even getting looked at in full. That is because some forms may have been filled in wrong, or missed altogether. Also, if information about your finances and related things can not be verified, the application is likely to be denied. Since CitiMortgage is so overwhelmed with applications, it would set back a possible mortgage refinancing by at least a few weeks.

Another big thing that will make mortgage refinancing easier for a homeowner is knowing why you want to refinance. If you know that you want lower monthly mortgage payments, a lower interest rate, or you want to get cash back, then you can minimize the search for the appropriate loan type, and narrow down a few different options. Most homeowners using the “Making Home Affordable” will benefit from both lower interest rates, and better mortgage terms and conditions. CitiMortgage is one of only a few lenders who can offer these stimulus refinancing options to its customers. Contact them today to see if they can help you.

-M Petrone

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