Ditech is now approved to offer the Presidents “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan will help millions of homeowners keep their home and get an affordable monthly mortgage. Here is how you can use this plan for yourself:

Homeowners with a mortgage they can no longer afford need to get help before they lose their home to foreclosure or mortgage default. This $75 billion stimulus plan will get struggling homeowners they help they need, and allow them to refinance or modify their loan into an affordable monthly payment. Selected mortgage lenders and banks, like Ditech, have been approved from the Government to offer this stimulus plan to homeowners. This stimulus plan provides multiple new ways a struggling homeowner can get refinancing or mortgage modification into a more affordable monthly payment. Here are some of the new ways this plan helps:

-Homes which have dropped in value by 15% or more can get help through this plan. Many homes have dropped in value since the housing market crash. Before this stimulus plan, a homeowner with a home that is losing value would rarely get approved for refinancing or modification. Now, mortgage lenders and banks like Ditech who have been approved to offer this stimulus plan, can help homeowners with a home that has lost, or is losing, value.

-Homeowners facing financial problems, like losing a job, reduced wages, a bad mortgage, or other high debts, can get help by using this “Making Home Affordable” plan for yourself. Homeowners facing these, and other financial problems should write a letter of financial hardship and include it with their application. This hardship letter should include your problems, potential solutions, and why getting a more affordable mortgage is important. This letter will increase your odds of getting approved.

Ditech mortgage refinancing and modification is now easier than ever for millions of homeowners. Getting the approval you need will help you save your home, or a lot of money. Take action now and get yourself a better more affordable home loan.

-M Petrone

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