Ditech is offering mortgage refinancing to millions of struggling homeowners, and it is easy to get. New Government mortgage bailout programs allow Ditech, and other approved lenders, the ability to approve mortgage refinancing for all types of homeowners. Using this plan to avoid losing your home, or to save a lot of money every month is easy. Here is how:

Over $75 billion dollars in cash incentives are being given to mortgage lenders, like Ditech, who help homeowners get a better, more affordable monthly payment. This money will be given to the selected lenders if they help homeowners by following the rules of the “Making Home Affordable” plan. The rules of this bailout plan will help millions of homeowners, regardless of their financial situations. Using this plan, homeowners can get help even if they:

-Have bad credit or a low rating.

-Have lost their job, or are facing financial problems.

-Have bad mortgages or other debts.

-Make monthly mortgage payments that exceed 31% of their gross monthly income.

This is all possible because of the cash incentives that banks and lenders get. The money will help lenders like Ditech cover some of the potential risk they take on when approving a homeowner for refinancing. With their risks covered, they are able to ease their refinancing restrictions and help more homeowners than ever before. This has made getting approved easier than ever for all homeowners in all situations.

This plan will help millions of homeowners. Right now, many people are facing losing their home, and they feel helpless. However, the reality is that help is available. You need to take action, contact Ditech, and see what they ca do for you.

-M Petrone

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