Millions of homeowners can benefit from President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan has new mortgage refinancing and modification options which will lower a homeowners monthly payments. The best news? Getting approved is easy. Here is how:

With this new mortgage bailout plan, many homeowners can save a lot of money every month, or their home from being lost to foreclosure or mortgage default. Right now, millions of homeowners are struggling to make their payments. The economy is bad, and the housing market is even worse. However, President Obama knows this, and that is why this $75 billion dollar program exists.

The money from this program is given to mortgage lenders and banks. These cash incentives will enable to lenders and banks to offer the best deals possible, to all types of homeowners. The money covers some of the financial risk a lender takes on when they approve a struggling homeowner for refinancing or mortgage modification. Another great part of this plan, for both homeowners and mortgage lenders or banks, is that for every year of successful payments on a home, up to 5 years, the mortgage lender or bank who approved that homeowner will receive additional cash incentives. This means that there is even more reason for a bank or lender to approve you, and get the best refinancing deal possible.

Homeowners only need to ask a mortgage lender or bank about the new mortgage refinancing options available from President Obamas program. This stimulus plan will help millions of homeowners get a better, more affordable, monthly home loan payment. This is a great chance to save your home, and a lot of money. Take action now.

-M Petrone

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