Are you having problems paying your mortgage every month? Have you looked over your finances over and over but can’t find a way to make it work any more? If so you may qualify as a candidate for the new home mortgage modification program that has been enacted. This guide will provide you with some helpful tips and advice so you can completely comprehend the mortgage modification process.

Why offer mortgage modification? Why not foreclose right away? This may come as a shock but banks don’t want to foreclose on anyone’s home. It is true that if they foreclose they can re-sell it and make some profit but in reality it’s just not worth the hassle or the amount of time they are going to have to spend just on paperwork. When a lender has to foreclose on a home they spend countless hours on the process not to mention the man hours it consumes. Once the home is foreclosed on the “real” work begins. The lender will then need to fix whatever needs fixing in the home then try to re-sell it as quickly as possible so they don’t have it sitting and losing money. If the foreclosed home does not sell the lender is stuck paying taxes on it and not making any of it back.

Mortgage modification is on the opposite side of foreclosure. The bank or lender has the ability to lower ones rates and in some cases waive some of the principle owed or late fees. Modifying a mortgage is good for the lender because they continue getting paid every month and what’s good for the homeowner is the fact that they get to keep their home for less money.

How can mortgage modification benefit you? Different places offer different loan modification options, the government will offer one while a private lender will offer another option. Prior to deciding who to work with, the government or another lender, do research into every lender or government option available so you can ensure you stay in your home.  Make sure you are familiar with all the requirements you will need to meet in order to qualify for the mortgage modification program. In most cases there are three things that you will be required to have in the application package:

1.Hardship letter
2.Application form
3.Financial documents

When completing the application form you will need to provide financial and personal information. This information is required because the lender will use it to evaluate your particular financial situation. Any information regarding your financial status may need to backed by documents proving the fact. Some of these documents can include:

1.Your most recent tax returns
2.W2 form, pay stub for income verification
4.Your bank statement

The lender will require you to include a hardship letter when applying for a mortgage modification. The letter is considered your petition asking to be considered as a candidate for a mortgage modification loan and the reasons you feel you are in need. Using this guide should help you start off on the right foot when applying for a mortgage modification loan.  

-M Petrone

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