President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan offers huge benefits to millions of struggling homeowners. Things like 2% mortgage rates, and approval guarantees will help a lot of homeowners avoid losing their home. Here is how you can use this plan for yourself, save money every month, and get a better mortgage.

With the economy in such bad shape, many homeowners have been left feeling helpless. Millions of people have a home that is worth less than what they owe on it, or are facing financial problems. That is why this plan was enacted. This $75 billion mortgage bailout plan has the ability to help millions of homeowners, in all types of bad financial situations. This includes homeowners who have lost a job, are in a bad mortgage, who can not afford their home, owe more than the house is worth, and many other problems. Before this plan was in place, homeowners facing these problems would have had little to no luck getting the help they need.

These days, foreclosure and mortgage default are at all time highs. There are an estimated 1 in 8 homeowners facing foreclosure or losing their home to mortgage default. This has severely crippled the housing market, dropping the prices down on homes everywhere. Mortgage lenders and banks do not want to deal with more foreclosures, and this stimulus plan enables them to be able to help. Cash incentives are actually being given to mortgage lenders and banks who approved struggling homeowners. This will allow them to help more people, and with the money they get to do it, they feel better and will do it because their financial risks are minimized.

Mortgage refinancing stimulus plan
options are available for nearly all homeowners. If you need to save money, or your home, use this plan. Millions of homeowners can easily save hundreds of dollars every single month by using this plan. Get the help you need, and remember that the longer you wait to get help, the worse your situation is going to get. Do not lose your home to foreclosure or mortgage default, get help.

-M Petrone

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