Right now millions of homeowners are facing the reality that they can no longer afford their monthly mortgage payments. Over 8 million people are facing foreclosure or mortgage default unless they can get a better and more affordable monthly home loan payment. President Obamas mortgage stimulus program makes getting approved for refinancing or home loan modification easier than ever.

This program offers cash incentives to mortgage lenders and banks who approve struggling homeowners for a refinancing or mortgage modification. Also, for every year, up to 5 years, a homeowner is able to make their payments, the lender or bank they use will receive additional cash benefits. This means that there is a much better chance of getting approved for the refinancing or modification help you need, regardless of your financial situation.

This program specifically is targeted towards homeowners who are losing their home, or are going to lose their home, to foreclosure or mortgage default. Now, homeowners who have a bad mortgage, bad financial problems, an ARM loan, or other reasons that are making the mortgage payments harder and harder to make every month can get help.

An estimated 8 million homeowners are able to use this mortgage refinancing stimulus plan for themselves. The typical homeowners who has used this plan is saving hundreds of dollars per month. This is program from President Obama is saving homes, and entire neighborhoods, all across the country. Also, right now, mortgage interest rates are near all time lows, which makes the potential for huge savings through refinancing or home loan modification even bigger. Most struggling homeowners are paying nearly double the interest rate than what is available now. If you need help or want to save money, use this plan for yourself.

-M Petrone

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