Mortgage refinancing options for homeowners with bad credit, bad finances, or a home that is dropping in value are available to millions of homeowners. The “Making Home Affordable” program is designed to help struggling homeowners get a better mortgage through refinancing. Here is how:

Homeowners who are feeling the effects of the bad economy, and worse housing market, are desperate to get help. Foreclosures and mortgage defaults are at all time highs, and millions of homeowners need help. Homeowners who:

-Have a bad mortgage, like an ARM, that keeps increasing in cost.

-Have lost a job or are facing financial hardships.

-Have a home that is losing value, and now owe more than the homes market value.

-Have a bad, high interest, not flexible mortgage.

-Pay more than 31% of their gross monthly income towards their monthly home loan payments.

These situations would have been nearly impossible to get approved for a refinancing with, but now, it is easy. There is over $75 billion in funding which is available to help homeowners get help. Even mortgage lenders and banks are on board with this plan, and are offer stimulus refinancing options to all types of homeowners.

Obamas stimulus mortgage refinancing options will help an estimated 8 million homeowners get a better mortgage. This is a never before seen effort to help homeowners, and entire neighborhoods recover. Mortgage refinance options have never been easier to qualify for, and saving money, or your home, is easier to do than it has ever been before. Get the help you need today, this plan is here to help. A lot of people are already using this plan for themselves, you should too.

-M Petrone

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