Wells Fargo is one of the few approved mortgage lenders who can offer homeowners President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. With the incentives from this program, Wells Fargo can now help homeowners in all types of bad situations and who need lower monthly payments to save their home. With the record number of foreclosures and mortgage defaults happening, homeowners are urged to use Wells Fargo to refinance their mortgage. Here is why.

Unlike other lenders and banks who have not been authorized to offer this stimulus plan, Wells Fargo has been. That means that they receive a cash incentive every time they help a homeowner get a better mortgage and follow the stimulus plans guidelines. With this incentive money, and the fact the they are approved to help homeowners by offering stimulus plan options, more homeowners than ever can get approved for help than ever before, and prevent their home from being lost.

Since so many homeowners need help, something needed to be done. That is why President Obama came up with this mortgage bailout plan. Also, to avoid homeowners getting refinanced into a mortgage that will just lead them to more problems down the road, only a few mortgage lenders and banks have been approved.

That is why refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo, even with bad credit or in other tough situations, is now easier than ever. Also, with the terms and conditions set by the stimulus plan, a mortgage refinance is more beneficial than it has ever been before. Literally millions of homeowners are eligible to use this plan for themselves. Contact Wells Fargo today and see what options you have available thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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