Refinancing your home can help you prevent foreclosure or mortgage default. But, what is mortgage refinancing? Many homeowners are not aware of what a proper refinance can do for them. Here is a quick explanation of mortgage refinancing.

Mortgage refinancing is basically taking out a new loan, paying off the existing mortgage with the new loan money. Why would this be beneficial to a homeowner? Well, when you refinance you can get yourself into lower interest rates or a better home loan with more favorable terms and conditions. Many homeowners are paying nearly double the interest rate than is available now, and reducing the interest due every month can dramatically decrease the amount you spend every month on your home loan. Also, refinancing offers a way for homeowners to get into a stable, fixed rate mortgage and out of their ARM loans, which so many homeowners have these days.

Who should refinance?
-Homeowners who need a lower monthly payment.
-Homeowners whose credit has improved, or stayed the same, since they purchased their home. These homeowners can get a better interest rate than they are paying now.
-Homeowners who wish to change the length of their mortgage.
-Homeowners who want to get out of an ARM loan and into a traditional fixed rate mortgage.

Refinancing into lower interest rates, or a shorter loan term, can save a homeowner a lot of money. With so many struggling homeowners across the country, millions can benefit from refinancing their mortgage. A proper refinance will truly offer a homeowner the chance to get a better home loan, interest rates, terms, and conditions.

-M Petrone

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