Many homeowners are reporting problems with getting a Chase mortgage modification. In fact, a lot of people are saying that Chase has charged them over $700 in fees, with no real intent of delivering on any promises of a mortgage modification. People are complaining and we are listening. Here are some of the common problems Chase is giving homeowners who are applying for a home loan modification.

By far, the most common complaint against Chase is involving their mortgage modification options. Many homeowners have reported that after talking to Chase, they were convinced that the $750 fee they were paying would help them in getting a home loan modification. However, the case has been that many of the homeowners who pay this fee upfront receive no real benefits. Actually, most of the time, the homeowner ends up paying over $750, and getting absolutely nothing in return.

These homeowners have been promised that they would qualify for a mortgage modification, get a lower monthly payment, and save money. The truth is though that a lot of the people were merely lining the pockets of Chase, and receiving half halfhearted, if any, attempts at a loan modification. These people who were basically scammed out of their money had trust and faith in Chase. After all Chase is one of the biggest banks in the country, it did not seem to make sense that they would rip people off over $750. The truth is though, they did, and still are.

Even long time customers are reporting the same stories of losing $750 to Chase over a loan modification they never got. Most of the time, the people are saying that after paying the fee, getting in touch with their Chase representative was near impossible. Even worse, they say they were contacted only to inform them they were not approved. That means they $750 thinking they were going to get help. Instead they got robbed.

Take extreme caution when dealing with Chase bank and mortgage services. They have a long history of squeezing out, and apparently straight scamming, people out of their money. The best thing to do would to be avoid Chase all together.

-M Petrone

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