CitiMortgage and their loss mitigation department are now offering homeowners a chance to get a mortgage refinance or modification by using President Obamas mortgage stimulus program. This bailout will help millions of homeowners get a more affordable mortgage, save their home from being lost, and many other benefits. Here is how CitiMortgage and President Obamas bailout plan can help you.

The program has over $75 billion dollars targeted towards helping struggling homeowners, in all situations, get a beneficial mortgage refinance or modification. This money is given to approved mortgage lenders and banks, like CitiMortgage, and used as an incentive to help and approve homeowners. This money will be given to the lender as an incentive, and financial back up, to allow them to approve more homeowners, and actually encourage them to do so. This money will enable CitiMortgage to help homeowners with bad credit, upside down mortgages, financial problems, or other issues. This help would have been hard, if not impossible, to get before this program existed. CitiMortgage is fully able and capable of offering this plan, and helping homeowners with a mortgage refinance or modification.

CitiMortgage and its loss mitigation department have been helping homeowners for years. They are one of the most trusted, respected, and well known lenders in the country. Homeowners who are able to use them for themselves can be sure that the best people in the industry are on their side. They even make the process much easier and less intimidating than many people think it is.

-M Petrone

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