Between the record low mortgage interest rates, and President Obamas stimulus plan for homeowners, mortgage refinancing is better than ever. Right now, Ditech is one of the few approved mortgage lenders who can offer these refinancing options to homeowners. Here is why a refinance right now with Ditech can help you save money, or your home.

New options are available thanks to the Presidents $75 billion mortgage bailout plan. Only a few mortgage lenders and banks have been authorized to offer this program, and Ditech is one of them. Besides being a large, trusted company, Ditech is also one of the best companies with the highest rate of customer satisfaction. This is why they have been chosen to offer the “Making Home Affordable” plan to millions of people.

The money from Obamas stimulus plan will be given to banks and mortgage lenders like Ditech when they help homeowners. This money will enable Ditech to lower interest rates, change terms and conditions of the mortgage, and help cover some of the financial risk they assume when approving a homeowner. Interest rates can go to as low as 2%, home loans can be extended, and terms and conditions of the mortgage can be modified into a more manageable payment amount. With the lenders and banks following the Governments stimulus program, homeowners in all types of bad situations can get the help they need to refinance and save their home, or a lot of money.

Contact Ditech today and see what they are able to do for you. Odds are good that if you are paying over 31% of your gross monthly income towards your home loan, you can get approved for a mortgage refinancing into a lower payment. This program is here to help millions of homeowners avoid losing their home to foreclosure or loan default. The Obama plan is what many people need to save their homes. Take advantage now and see how much you are able to save.

-M Petrone

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