Mortgage refinance and modification is a much easier process now thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. Also known as the “Making Home Affordable” plan, this stimulus is designed to help millions of homeowners get a better mortgage. Things like 2% mortgage interest rates, extensions on your home loan, and many other benefits now exist.

This program is aimed at helping the millions of homeowners at risk of losing their home. Since so many people are facing financial or mortgage troubles, something needed to be done. That something is the $75 billion mortgage bailout plan from the Obama administration. With this plan, homeowners can get 2% mortgage rates, a mortgage extension, or a combination of both. This is all in an effort to comply with the stimulus plans guidelines, and get mortgage payments under 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income. For many homeowners, this will be a huge reduction in their monthly mortgage payments.

This stimulus program makes getting refinancing or mortgage modification help a lot easier for homeowners in all types of bad situations. Over $75 billion is being given away as an incentive to mortgage lenders and banks who help homeowners. This money has eased restrictions on refinancing and enabled the lenders and banks to offer help to more homeowners.

Millions of homeowners can use the mortgage stimulus plan for themselves. Bad credit, bad mortgages, financial problems, it does not matter, help is available. Do not let your home be lost to foreclosure or mortgage default. Take action now and use the Presidents mortgage bailout plan for yourself.

-M Petrone

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