Homeowners who are at risk of losing their home to foreclosure or mortgage default should take advantage of President Obamas stimulus program. This program offers new home loan modification and refinancing options to nearly all homeowners. Credit ratings and financial problems are acceptable as the main aim of this plan is to help all types of struggling homeowners. Here is how this plan works:

Over $75 billion is available through these new stimulus programs to help homeowners. This money is going to be given to mortgage lenders and banks who follow the plans guidelines and help homeowners. With the money, mortgage lenders and banks can cover some of their potential losses, and prevent even more homes from being in foreclosure. This should help millions of homeowners and the overall economy.

What this plan states is that homeowners who get mortgage refinancing or modification help will get a mortgage payment that is no more than 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income. This will be a major reduction for many people, and could help save their homes. In order to achieve this, mortgages can be extended, interest rates can drop, or both. The belief is that regardless of a homes actual value, if a homeowner can make the payments, they will. This program is designed to assist homeowners get a truly affordable monthly mortgage payment.

Millions of homeowners can use this plan to save their home, a lot of money, or both. Do not lose your home to foreclosure. Take action now and get a mortgage refinancing or modification, and do yourself, and your finances, a favor.

-M Petrone

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