So many homeowners are at serious risk of losing their home to foreclosure. If mortgage refinancing is not available to you,a home loan modification may be the only way you can avoid foreclosure. Right now, new Government programs make getting a mortgage modified easier than ever for millions of homeowners.

If you want to have a real chance at getting approved for loan modification, and saving your home or a lot of money, you will need to have a well written, and proper, letter of “Financial Hardship”. This letter can make or break a home loan modification approval. Often ignored, the importance of this letter cannot be stressed enough. To get approved for a home loan modification which will benefit you, you must know how to write an appropriate, and effective, letter of financial hardship.

Typically, a letter like this should include why you are facing the problems you are in, why a mortgage modification will be the answer you are looking for. You must make it obvious that saving your home is dependent on getting a mortgage modification. Make the letter simple, and stress your financial problems, and how much saving your home means to you.

This letter should not be too long. Ideally this letter should provide only the necessary information relevant to your financial problems. Your letter will stand out from the hundreds, or thousands, of others if it is clear, coherent, and to the point. When a lender or bank reads a properly well written letter, they are much more likely to not disregard the letter like so many others. They will quickly notice the seriousness of your problems, and also see you have tried to do your research ahead of time and have a well written letter. This will definitely put you ahead of the average person in terms of getting approved for a home loan modification.

Taking your time and writing a proper letter following this advice will surely help you get the help you need. There are literally millions of homeowners who are thinking about, or actually in the process of refinancing or modifying their home loan. Give yourself a little edge over them when you write your letter of financial hardship.

-M Petrone

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