Right now, homeowners in all types of bad situations can get help refinancing their mortgage. New options now exist that allow nearly any homeowner the chance to get the help they need to lower their monthly mortgage payments, or save their home from being lost. Millions of homeowners are easily able to use this plan for themselves. Here is how:

Right now, over $75 billion dollars is available to help homeowners refinance or get a mortgage modification. This money is available from President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan provides cash incentives to lenders and banks who follow the Government program. With this money, lenders and banks are more likely to approve homeowners for refinancing. Also, this cash acts as a security in case a homeowner loses their home even after getting refinancing help.

The stimulus plan allows homeowners in all types of situations to get the help they need. Some things a homeowner can be facing and still get help are:

-Financial hardships like a loss of job, reduced income, or major expenses.

-A home that has lost value or is worth up to 25% less than the amount owed on the mortgage can get refinancing approval.

-Homeowners with bad credit, bad mortgages, and other financial problems can now get an easier and more beneficial mortgage refinancing.

This will pretty much cover the major reasons homeowners are struggling. Millions of homeowners are facing the reality that if nothing is done, their home will be lost. Take action now and use this stimulus program for yourself.

-M Petrone

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