With the financial problems that millions of homeowners are facing, foreclosure and mortgage default are at all time highs. To counteract this, the Obama administration has enabled a $75 billion stimulus program to bailout homeowners, and stop homes from being lost. Millions of homeowners can now use these programs and get a mortgage refinance or modification for themselves. Here is how it works.

This stimulus program will lower a homeowners monthly payments to an affordable 31% of their gross monthly income. This includes any homeowner fees, taxes, and insurance. However, there are some requirements which must be met prior to getting help from the bailout program. Some of those requirements are:

-Pay stubs, tax returns, and expenses will all need to be verified to take advantage of the Government bailout programs. This information is required when applying and cannot be done without it.

-The home loan must have been closed on before January 1st 2009. Any home bought or closed after this date will not be eligible to use the Governments stimulus program at this time.

-The home loan must have a balance of no more than $729,000. At one point, it could have been higher, as long as you owe less than that tough you can get help from the mortgage bailout plan.

-Only the homes primary mortgage can be refinanced or modified. No second mortgage help is available through this plan for homeowners.

-Homeowners must live in the home as a main residence in order to get assistance from the Government bailout program.

Homeowners who are able to get help will benefit from reduced monthly mortgage payments, and the chance to save their home from being foreclosed on. Depending on the homeowners financial situation, mortgage interest rates can be reduced as low as 2%, or some of the loans principal can changed to help homeowners. This is all because of the new bailout plans available from Obama.

Literally millions of homeowners can get help with this stimulus program. Act now and get the help you need before your situation gets worse.

-M Petrone

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