Homeowners usually have a choice of a variety of different loans when they refinance. The different mortgage refinancing loan options allow a homeowner to choose the best loan for them based on their needs. Many homeowners refinance to get cash back, lower interest rates, or change the terms of their home loan. Whatever your reasons is, here are the most popular loan options for a homeowner who is refinancing a mortgage.

The most popular loan types are fixed rate mortgages, adjusted rate mortgages (ARM), and cash back refinancing options, or home equity loans.

Fixed rate mortgages are a great, stable, loan choice. They offer interest rates which never change throughout the length of the loan. This is the loan type that is generally suggested for most homeowners. Many people choose to opt out of an ARM and into a fixed rate home loan.

Adjusted rate mortgage (ARM) loans mean the interest rates can change throughout the length of the home loan. While this loan type may not be the most stable, or cheapest in the long term, there are some reasons why a homeowner would choose this loan. These loans are usually cheaper and easier to get into, and sometimes offer a low interest fixed rate period. After the introductory fixed rate period is over, the loan is eligible to have its interest rate changed at any time.

Cash back refinancing is a great way for a homeowner to utilize the equity in their home, and get a large amount of cash back. This is typically cheaper than a personal loan, and the money can be used for anything a homeowner wishes. When a homeowner does this they are just refinancing for more than they currently owe on their mortgage, and pocketing the difference. Although the money all needs to be paid back, it is at a much lower interest rate, and spread over a much longer period of time.

While there may be a few other options, these are by far the most popular ones. Many homeowners will refinance their home in the next few months, and knowing which loan types are available will make the decision easier. Understand the different options available to you when you refinance your mortgage, and make the decision the is best.

-M Petrone

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