Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing and modification is now easier and better for millions of homeowners. This is because of President Obamas $75 billion mortgage stimulus program. Using this program and Wells Fargo, a homeowner can get lower mortgage payments, and save a lot of money. Here is how it works:

Only a few mortgage lenders and banks are approved to offer this stimulus to homeowners. Wells Fargo, besides being a huge, popular, secure, and trusted mortgage lender, is also one of the select lenders who can offer this program and its options to homeowners. New mortgage refinance and modification options now exist that will help nearly any homeowner. Even if they:

-Owe more than their home is worth. Many people purchased a home thinking it would rise in value, and they would refinance later. However, the housing market has been in decline, and many homes have actually dropped in value. Now, homeowners who use this stimulus and Wells Fargo can refinance even if they owe up to 25% more than the home is actually worth.

-Have an ARM (Adjusted rate mortgage) and want the stability of a fixed rate mortgage. Many homeowners got into an ARM loan when the market and economy were good. Interest rates were low, and getting an ARM loan was cheaper and easier. Now though, with the market in bad shape, many ARM loans have increased in interest, and homeowners are stuck with a higher mortgage payment. This stimulus will allow a homeowner to get out of an ARM loan and into a stable fixed rate mortgage.

-Are facing financial hardships. Many homeowners have lost their jobs, have a reduced income, or are facing other financial or mortgage problems. This stimulus plan from Obama will let homeowners facing these problems have an easier time getting a mortgage refinancing they need to save money or their home. Homeowners with financial problems should write a letter stating these problems, and what they want to do about them. Also, include why saving your home is so important to you. This will help convince the lender or bank you are serious.

Many homeowners will benefit from using Wells Fargo and this stimulus plan for themselves. Getting help, in nearly any situation, is easier and more beneficial than ever. Mortgage refinance and modification options may be the only way you can save your home from being lost. Take action now and get help.

-M Petrone

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