Wells Fargo and President Obamas mortgage stimulus plan will be able to help millions of homeowners. Now, getting a more affordable monthly home loan is easier than ever, regardless of your financial situation. Here are some things you should know about mortgage refinancing with Wells Fargo and Obamas stimulus plan.

Homeowners will find it much easier to get help refinancing a mortgage than it has ever been before. Even homeowners with bad credit, mortgages, or other financial issues will get approved. Wells Fargo receives a cash incentive from the Government every time they approve a homeowner for refinancing or mortgage modification in accordance with the stimulus plans rules. This money enables them to take on less financial risk when approving homeowners, which will allow them to approve more people than ever before.

The rules of this stimulus plan are great for homeowners who are at risk of losing their home, or are having financial problems. Some of the bigger benefits for homeowners include:

-Mortgage payments which are not more than 31% of a homeowners gross monthly income.

-The ability to refinance a home even if you are upside down in your mortgage.

-Bad credit and financial hardships are acceptable to have as long as you write a brief letter describing the problems, and your possible solutions.

Many homeowners are struggling. Wells Fargo and the Government knows this, and that is why these stimulus programs are in place. Take advantage of this great chance to get a better mortgage, and save money or your home from being lost. Do not let your situation get worse, it will only be harder to fix. Do something now and contact Wells Fargo.

-M Petrone

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