Mortgage refinancing and modification is now a lot easier, and better, for millions of homeowners. Now things like 2% mortgage rates, and the ability to get help in any situation make a home loan refinance a great decision for many people. This is all because of President Obamas $75 billion mortgage bailout program.

This plan is aimed at helping struggling homeowners and those who are at a real risk of losing their home to foreclosure or mortgage default. These new programs are funded by over $75 billion in Government money, and are expected to be able to help over 8 millions homeowners. Using this program, homeowners with bad credit, upside down home loans, or other financial problems can easily get help lowering their monthly payments, and saving their home from being lost.

Mortgage lenders and banks are encouraged to offer this stimulus to homeowners. To help do this, they will receive cash incentives when they help a homeowner by following the stimulus plans rules. This money will allow the lender or bank to help more people, and take less of a financial risk. Homeowners who are approved for stimulus plan mortgage refinancing or modification will not have to pay more than 31% of their gross monthly income towards their monthly mortgage payment. This represents a huge reduction in payments for a homeowner who is struggling.

Homeowners everywhere should look into the potential this plan has for them. Millions of homeowners can use this program, and a lot of people already have. Do not be a victim to bad credit, a bad mortgage, or other financial problems, get help.

-M Petrone

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