There are new Government options available to help homeowners get a mortgage refinance or modification, avoid losing their home, and get an affordable monthly payment. The Government has approved a few mortgage lenders and banks to offer this plan to homeowners, and Wells Fargo is one of them. These new programs, and Wells Fargos willingness to help homeowners, makes saving a home from being lost a reality for millions of homeowners. Regardless of their financial position or mortgage situation.

Even homeowners who have been denied before when trying to get a mortgage refinance or modification will now find that getting help is easier than ever. Wells Fargo is fully capable of helping homeowners get back on track, and save their home. Now that they are approved to offer these new stimulus refinancing options, they can help more homeowners than ever before. Millions of homeowners are eligible to use this plan for themselves, all thanks to the stimulus and lenders like Wells Fargo.

There are many benefits for a homeowner who uses this mortgage bailout plan for themselves. Some of the bigger ones can include:

-The ability for a homeowner to get help even if they owe as much as 25% more on their mortgage than their homes actual market value. Before this plan, a homeowner with this upside down of a mortgage would not be able to easily find help or approval when refinancing a mortgage.

-Mortgage payments for homeowners who use this plan to get home loan help, will not exceed 31% of their monthly income. Wells Fargo can reduce interest rates to 2%, lengthen the term of the mortgage, or both, in order to meet the stimulus programs guidelines, and help homeowners.

-Homeowners with a “Financial Hardship” which includes, loss of a job, reduced income, hospital bills, or many other expenses, can get help through Wells Fargo and this stimulus plan. To claim this, write a brief letter explaining your hardships, why you want to save your home, and what your new budget would be if you get a mortgage refinancing or modification. This letter will help Wells Fargo understand and offer you the best options possible.

-There are no closing costs or other fees associated with mortgage refinancing or modification when using this bailout plan. This means that thousands of dollars in savings are instant. Otherwise, this money would need to be spent on paying costs and fees like loan origination, points, and other costs. Homeowners who are struggling do not have thousands of dollars to spend, and this plan, along with Wells Fargo, helps them.

If you are looking into getting a mortgage refinance or modification, or if you are at risk of losing your home, contact Wells Fargo today and ask them how this plan can potentially help you. Many people are already seeing the benefits this plan offers and have taken advantage. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, take action now.

-M Petrone

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