Homeowners across the country are now eligible to use President Obamas mortgage bailout plan for themselves. This means that refinancing a mortgage into a better, more affordable monthly payment. Millions of homeowners need to take action and lower their mortgage payments and this plan will help them do that. Here are some things you need to know.

Taking advantage of this stimulus plan is easy. Even homeowners who have bad credit or an upside down mortgage will find that getting help is easy with Obamas stimulus. With over $75 billion in funding, an estimated 8 million homeowners can use this stimulus program for themselves. Never before has such a big program been enacted by the Government to help homeowners.

This is all because of the tough economy, bad housing market, and all time high rate of foreclosures and mortgage defaults. Mortgage lenders and banks can not risk taking on another foreclosed home. Many homes are actually losing money once they have been lost. These days, and with President Obamas stimulus program in effect, mortgage lenders and banks would rather try to help you than let you lose your home. They are much more willing to extend new mortgage refinancing options to you that exist because of Obamas bailout plan.

If you are one of the millions of struggling homeowners, take action and get help now. President Obamas stimulus is designed to help all types of homeowners. Do something about your financial future, and that of your home. Take action and refinance your home loan now according to Obamas stimulus plan. Never before has such a plan been able to help so many people. Use it to your advantage.

-M Petrone

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