Homeowners can now get a mortgage refinancing into a 2% interest rate, save money, and save their home with President Obamas stimulus plan. This program is designed to help all sorts of homeowners find financial relief, save money, and avoid losing their home to foreclosure or mortgage default. It has never been easier or more beneficial to refinance a mortgage than it is now. Here is some information for homeowners who want to use this stimulus program for themselves.

This program is designed to lower homeowners monthly mortgage payments to an affordable level. The Obama administration has determined that homeowners using this plan should not have to pay more than 31% of their monthly income towards their monthly mortgage payment. This amount also includes taxes, insurance, and any homeowner fees. This will be a major reduction for many people, and possibly help them save their home from being lost, save them money, or both.

These new mortgage refinancing programs are possible because of over $75 billion in Government funding. This money helps mortgage lenders and banks approve more people, and take on more risk. This means that homeowners with little to no equity in their home, bad credit, or who have financial hardships can now easily find the help they need. Mortgage lenders and banks will offer these programs to nearly all homeowners knowing that they will receive financial guarantees from the Government.

Never before has it been this easy, or beneficial, for a homeowner to get help refinancing a mortgage. Homeowners all across the country are eligible to use this program for themselves, and better their financial futures. If your a struggling homeowner, get help now while it is easy to refinance.

-M Petrone

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