Bank of America is now able to offer mortgage refinancing and modification to homeowners in all sorts of bad situations. This is all because of over $75 billion in funding from President Obamas stimulus program. With this program and Bank of America, a homeowner will be able to easily lower their monthly payments, change the terms and conditions of their loan, or get cash back from the equity that has built up on your home.

The housing market is in bad shape and foreclosures and mortgage defaults are at all time highs. Also, many homes have dropped in value, making most foreclosed homes a financial bust for the lender or bank. There is a good chance in todays economy of having a lender or bank help you get mortgage refinance or modification. Banks and mortgage lenders are much more likely to work with you in getting refinancing than they ever have been before. In addition to the bad housing market, there is cash incentives being given to lenders and banks who follow the stimulus plan rules, and help homeowners. This money will allow them to take more risks, and approve more homeowners.

There are only a few select lenders or banks who can offer these new mortgage bailout packages, and Bank of America is one of them. They also have plenty of professional help available to homeowners who want to save their home from being lost. While help was always available, it is now much easier to get due to the housing market, and Obamas stimulus program.

There is no reason for you to lose your home. Help is available. Contact Bank of America and see what potential benefits refinancing may have for you. Do not wait any longer, take action now.

-M Petrone

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