Are you at risk of foreclosure? Need to lower your monthly mortgage payments? Want 2% interest rates on your home loan? Then refinancing a mortgage may be the right thing for you to do. The good news is that new Government programs make it easier than ever to get help with your home loan. Here is how you can take advantage, and get a better mortgage.

President Obama has announced that over $75 billion will be provided to assist homeowners save their home, and money. This money will be given to mortgage lenders and banks who are in compliance with this stimulus plan, and offer helpful options to homeowners. Every time a lender or bank helps someone using the plans guidelines, they will receive a cash incentive. This money will allow them to help even more people, with less financial risk to themselves. Also, this money makes it possible for lenders and banks to approve homeowners who would not have easily gotten help.

Homeowners who would not have dreamed of getting help can now easily get a mortgage refinance into a better, more affordable monthly payment. Now, things like bad credit, and upside down mortgage, bad finances, or other problems are not going to prevent someone from getting the help they need. That is because this mortgage bailout plan is aimed at the millions of struggling homeowners. Some of the biggest benefits of this plan include:

-Interest rates that can be as low as 2%.

-The ability to get approved for refinancing even if you owe more than the homes actual market value.

-There are no closing costs or fees associated with refinancing under this plan.

-Homeowners with financial hardships or bad credit can still easily get the help they need.

Never before has it been so easy to get help with your mortgage. Millions of people are able to use this program for themselves, and see huge benefits. Consider contacting your lender or bank today and see what these new Government programs can do for you.

-M Petrone

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