Getting a mortgage refinance or modification with Chase is easier than ever. That is because of new stimulus programs funded by over $75 billion in Government money, which Chase is taking part in. Many homeowners will benefit from this mortgage bailout plan and be able to use Chase to get a mortgage refinancing or modification. Here are some things you need to know.

Homeowners in all types of bad situations will now have a much easier time getting mortgage refinancing or modification. This is because Chase is taking part in President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan. This plan is a $75 billion effort to help homeowners get refinancing or modification, and avoid losing their home to foreclosure or default. To take part in this plan, Chase is agreeing to help homeowners get a better, more affordable, home loan, and save money or their home from being lost. When a lender or bank like Chase agrees to help homeowners by following the plans guidelines, they will receive incentive money. This money minimizes their financial risk and allows them to approve more homeowners than ever before. However, the only way mortgage lenders and banks can get this incentive money is by following the Governments mortgage bailout guidelines, and helping homeowners. That means, that getting help from Chase with your mortgage, no matter what the problem is, is easier and more beneficial right now than it ever has been before.

Homeowners who wish to use this program for themselves should learn the requirements before applying for refinancing or mortgage modification. Chase and Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan have the ability to help millions of homeowners, and odds are, you can get help if you are struggling to pay your home loan every month. Take some time and contact Chase to get a clear understanding of what is needed to get approval for refinancing or mortgage modification. Do not just quickly put an application together and hope for the best. Know what is expected of you and what the requirements are so that you can get the help with your home loan you need. This will also allow you to review a lot of other loan options and help ensure you get the absolute best deal possible.

Chase mortgage refinancing is easier than ever. Many homeowners can use this program to their advantage and save money, their home, or both. Use this plan for yourself, and see what the benefits can be for you.

-M Petrone

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