CitiMortgage is participating in President Obamas stimulus program. This $75 billion plan is aimed at helping homeowners get a more affordable monthly mortgage payment, and avoid losing their home. Over 8 million people are eligible to use this mortgage bailout for themselves. Here is how CitiMortgage and President Obama can lower your monthly home loan payments.

Many homeowners are at risk of losing their home to foreclosure or mortgage default. However, in an effort to decrease that number, President Obama has announced his mortgage bailout plan. This plan calls on selected lenders like CitiMortgage to offer new mortgage refinancing and modification options to homeowners. This is all possible because of $75 billion in funding. This funding is being given to the lenders and banks who agree to offer homeowners help according to the stimulus bailout. This means that getting help from CitiMortgage is easier, and more beneficial than ever before.

CitiMortgage is involved in this effort to help homeowners. As a result, they will get money every time they help a homeowner. This money will enable them to approve more people, and take on less financial risk. That means things like bad credit, an upside down mortgage, or other financial problems will no longer mean that you can not get help with your home loan. Also, homeowners who get help form this stimulus plan will see that there are many benefits to refinancing a mortgage with Obamas stimulus. Some of the biggest benefits of refinancing with CitiMortgage and Obamas plan are:

-No closing costs or fees when a home loan is refinanced or modified.

-Mortgage rates as low as 2%.

-Monthly home loan payments that are less than 31% of a homeowners monthly income.

-An easier approval process, even for homeowners with bad credit or who owe more than the home is actually worth.

CitiMortgage has proven to be a lender who cares and truly helps homeowners. That is why they are one of the few lenders or banks who have been selected to offer this program. Many homeowners are facing foreclosure or mortgage default, but do not have to. There is help available. Contact CitiMortgage and see what mortgage refinancing options may be available to you from Obamas stimulus plan. Get help and take action now.

-M Petrone

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