Homeowners all across the country can take advantage of President Obamas new stimulus program and refinance a mortgage into a better rate. This program also will help people avoid foreclosure and save money. Using this plan is easy and the qualification requirements are easy to meet for nearly any homeowner. Here is how and why you need to refinance your home loan with Obamas stimulus plan.

The goal of this program is to get homeowners a monthly mortgage payment that they can actually afford. The thought behind it is that if someone can make their payment, they will. With so many foreclosures, struggling homeowners, and home loan defaults happening right now, something needed to be done. That is why over $75 billion in Government money is available to help homeowners.

This money will be given to mortgage lenders and banks who have been chosen to offer stimulus options for refinancing to homeowners. With this money, a lender or bank is more able to provide helpful mortgage refinancing options to all homeowners. Even homeowners who have bad credit, lost a job, are facing financial problems, or have an upside down mortgage.

Homeowners who are behind on their home loan payments, have missed some, or are barely able to keep up with them should take action and get help now. Never before have such options been available for nearly all homeowners. Do not let your home be lost to foreclosure or your situation get worse. Be sure to take advantage of Obamas housing bailout plan and get the help you need.

-M Petrone

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