With so many mortgage foreclosures and defaults happening, it makes me wonder why more homeowners are not using President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan for themselves. This program allows homeowners in all types of financial situations to easily get the help they need to properly refinance a mortgage, lower monthly payments, avoid foreclosure, and save money. Here are some of the major benefits of President Obamas stimulus program.

Homeowners with mortgage problems do not have to go through foreclosure or lose their home. Instead, a mortgage refinancing with President Obamas stimulus plan may help them. This program is designed to help millions of struggling homeowners avoid losing their home. This will be done through new mortgage refinancing and modification options made available thanks to over $75 billion in funding from the Government. This money enables mortgage lenders and banks to approve more homeowners than ever before. This money also acts as a financial back up which means more homeowners with bad credit or mortgages to get approved for the help they need.

The goal is to lower a homeowners monthly mortgage payments to less than 31% of their gross monthly income. The aim is to help people avoid foreclosure, restore home prices, and bring some stability back to the housing market. This plan will help an estimated 8 million homeowners and is in effect right now.

Never before has so much help been available to so many homeowners. This is all because of the mortgage bailout program and the fact that homeowners need help or else more homes will be lost. IF you are a homeowner get help now before this program expires.

-M Petrone

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