President Obamas mortgage stimulus program will help millions of homeowners. The help comes from new mortgage refinancing options which are aimed at helping struggling homeowners get a better, more affordable monthly mortgage and avoid or stop foreclosure. Millions of homeowners are now able to get lower monthly mortgage payments, and save money,their home, or both with Obamas stimulus.

This stimulus plan is due to the horrible economy, bad housing market, and record high number or foreclosures and mortgage defaults. Millions of homeowners are struggling which is leading to a domino effect and now the mortgage lenders and banks are starting to feel the pinch as well. Now though, over $75 billion in money is set to be used by Obamas plan to help homeowners.

New mortgage refinancing options now exist for all types of homeowners in all types of financial situations. Whether you have bad credit, an upside down mortgage, no money, no job, or have been denied before, help is now available. That is because cash incentives from the $75 billion is going to be given to mortgage lenders and banks every time they help a homeowner avoid foreclosure, or get a mortgage refinancing according to Obamas plan. This money means that getting approved for refinancing, even with bad financial problems or if you are facing a foreclosure, is now possible and easier than ever.

This mortgage stimulus plan and bad housing market have also been keeping mortgage interest rates low. Due to the high number of foreclosures and loan defaults, lenders and banks are left with a lot of foreclosed homes that are not worth nearly as much as they were initially bought for. This means that many homes that have been foreclosed on are potential money losers. With that in mind and new Government programs in place, getting help refinancing a mortgage is easy.

Get the mortgage refinancing help you need and save your home and money with Obamas stimulus programs. Take action now before things get worse, or you lose your home.

-M Petrone

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