Wells Fargo mortgage refinancing options now exist for many people thanks to President Obamas stimulus plan. Only selected mortgage lenders or banks can offer the Presidents stimulus plan and Wells Fargo is one of them. Here is some advice on refinancing a mortgage with Wells Fargo and Obamas stimulus program.

This stimulus program from Obama is designed to help homeowners, reduce the number of foreclosures and loan defaults, and relieve mortgage lenders and banks taking more losses. This is all because of over $75 billion in funding specifically allocated for helping struggling homeowners. With this money, approved lenders and banks can lower monthly payments for homeowners, switch them into a better more stable fixed rate mortgage, or even reduce some of the principal that is due on the home loan. Also, a huge benefit is that a homeowner who uses this program will not have to pay more than 31% of their income to their monthly mortgage payment. Wells Fargo and the selected mortgage lenders and banks can lower mortgage interest rates, change the length of the home loan or both.

This is needed right now in th country due to the record number of foreclosures and mortgage defaults. The housing market is in bad shape, and many homeowners are going to lose their home unless they take action. This stimulus plan comes at a perfect time for millions of people, mortgage lenders and banks, and the overall economy and housing market. The idea with this program is to help people keep their homes, restore some stability to the housing market, and help the overall economy.

Since homeowners can only get stimulus mortgage refinancing options from selected mortgage lenders and banks. Wells Fargo has been chosen by Obamas administration to offer these new options to homeowners. Getting help refinancing a mortgage is now easier and more beneficial for more people than ever before. Do something about your expensive mortgage and get refinancing using Obamas stimulus plan.

-M Petrone

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